1. How can I make the payment?
Depending on your region, we can accept the following forms of payment:
Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bank Transfer Online.

2. What are the return, exchange and refund policies?
If you are not satisfied with the item, please take a picture of the items first, then send us an email to confirm for 10 days, you can return the item to us and we will make a trade-in after to pass an official inspection.
Note: Please contact customer service first if you want to return or exchange.

3. About canceling the order and refund.
If you wish to cancel your order and refund, please contact us immediately within 12 hours. But if your request was issued. Your order will not be canceled. .

4. What do you need to get your item?
You must show your identification card to the postman when he or she sends the item to your home. The express company will call you if your address changes.

5. Are the images true or false?
All images are completely taken by ourselves, the phenomenon of color occurred only in some photos, see them clearly before carrying the item in your cart.

6. How long does it take for delivery?
Generally, you can get the item in 7-14 days after paying for your orders, which are free shipping to all countries in the world.

7. How to track your item?
We will send your tracking number within 24-36 hours of receipt of payment.

8. How to register and pay for your assets?
(1) fill in some requested information, such as: name, address, city, postal code, telephone and state, etc. After completing the fill, click the "submit" button to fill out the registration.
(2) Click the "Continue" button and you will return home. Select the products you like and press the "Add to Cart" button to go to the purchase information page.
(3) Press the "go to checkout" bar and edit the shipping address and choose the mode of transportation (Free Shipping)
(4) Enter the coupon code and select the method of payment.
(5) Click "Continue Checkout" to confirm the order. The webpage will link to the "credit card and payment company" page.

9. Is it safe to pay by credit card?
As one of the top ecommerce shopping sites. We absolutely guarantee the privacy of customer information (name, address, telephone number, credit card information). Our site has been certified by Shopify SSL. All your information is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. So if there is any problem with the payment, please contact the credit card company to find out what happened.

10. Reasons for unsuccessful payment Guests have paid for it but declined (payment is declined), may be the reason as follows:
1. The payment information you filled in was not correct.
2. The credit card balance is much lower.
3. The issuing bank does not support online purchases. Call your bank to open a transnational Internet transaction or open a transaction in the Asian region; pay again after the bank is opened.

11. Why is the receipt of the postal receipt different from the price of our product?
Because the credit card organization and the card issuing bank charge fees and licensing fees across borders, other changes in exchange rates have also affected the value of the charge.
Please understand that the extra value is not charged for us, it was charged by the credit card organization and the card issuing bank. Thus, you can consult the issuing banks of the card to consult it.